Radio Free Vermont: Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Howard Stern Wants Off FM Now!

Howard Stern Wants Out Of Job Now

"A buddy of mine who shall remain nameless says . . . Viacom is trying to get Sirius [Satellite Radio] to pay off my contract and then I would leave early 'cause Sirius is anxious to get the show started," Stern told listeners yesterday

Who is Bernard Sanders?

And Bernard Sanders

Oh, just your average Democratic Socialist.

Background? Oh, just a member of the Liberty Union party which describes itself as a nonviolent socialist party.

Wikipedia states "In 2004 the Liberty Union Party has candidates for Vermont's US Senate, US House and Governor positions, and has endorsed the Presidential campaign of the Workers World Party. The Vice-Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party USA is a member of the Liberty Union Party."

Sleep, Vermont, sleep. You're getting sleepy.

Javier Solana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Javier Solana

Who is Javier Solana? Aside from being the Secretary General of the European Union, he is also as Socialist (PSOE) from Spain, a member of the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Fulbright scholar, former NATO Secretary General (despite the objections of the USA due to his Marxist and open Castro sympathies), formerly on the USA's subversives list.

This guy is New World Order all the way! Click the link above for more background on Javier Solana.

Foster Children On Mind Altering Drugs?

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GOA Alert-- October 22, 2004

GOA Alert-- October 22, 2004

Contact Your Representative on the "Government Terror Bill"
-- Tell him or her to oppose National ID cards and other Big Brother programs that could affect gun owners