Radio Free Vermont: Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Taxpayer dollars help fund many environmental groups

A major investor is helping The Nature Conservancy -- America's largest environmental group -- buy land and protect species across the United States.

The same benefactor is providing financial aid to the World Wildlife Fund for international conservation. It is spending heavily to help other groups, from the American Farmland Trust to Trout Unlimited, hold conferences, post Web pages, restore habitat and sway public opinion in favor of protecting the natural world.

Few philanthropists, in fact, have ever showered money so broadly across the environmental community.

Who is this conservation-minded patron?

You -- and every other taxpayer in the United States, that's who.

Men Arrested for Dumping Dirt in a Forest

Yahoo! News - Men Arrested for Dumping Dirt in a Forest: "Men Arrested for Dumping Dirt in a Forest "

Federal rules gone bad ... Absolutely ridiculous

Lava Lamp Kills Man

Lava Lamp Left on Stove Explodes, Kills Man