Radio Free Vermont: Saturday, January 01, 2005

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Vermont road deaths highest since '98

The state had 97 people die in automobile crashes during the last year, including three deaths in one accident on New Year's Eve in Hardwick. The number is a sharp increase from 2003's total of 69 and the highest since 104 lost their lives six years ago.

Second step in minimum wage going into effect

The minimum rises from $6.75 to $7 an hour beginning Saturday

Crash kills three in five of Miami family; others critical

A 45-year-old Florida doctor and two of this children were killed after he lost control of their sport utility vehicle and crashed into a tractor-trailer, police said. The man's wife and a third child were critically injured.

Sheldon man accused of shooting Enosburg teenager

A 29-year-old Sheldon man has been arrested on a variety of charges, including an allegation that he shot a 17-year-old Enosburg man who was driving an all-terrain vehicle.

Justin Lindholm retires - to hunting, fishing

Editor's Note: Justin Lindholm has operated Lindholm Sport Center, known to most people in the area as just "Lindholm's" for many years. He has been a very fair dealer of firearms and sporting goods. Radio Free Vermont wishes Justin the very best in his retirement.

60 Vehicles Slide Off I-89

As many as 60 vehicles slid off a nearly 60-mile stretch of Interstate 89 early Friday morning, forcing it to be closed for hours until maintenance crews could salt and sand it.