Radio Free Vermont: Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday, January 03, 2005

Incoming Vt. Auditor Has Take-CHarge Approach To His Office

The new Republican auditor, who will take office Thursday, believes the Douglas administration takes too long to close the state's books. One of his first priorities will be to lean on state officials to get their work done faster, Brock said.

Secret Meeting, Clear Mission: 'Rescue' U.N.

"The intention was to keep it confidential," Mr. Holbrooke said. "No one wanted to give the impression of a group of outsiders, all of them Americans, dictating what to do to a secretary general."

He described the group as people "who care deeply about the U.N. and believe that the U.N. cannot succeed if it is in open dispute and constant friction with its founding nation, its host nation and its largest contributor nation."

"The U.N., without the U.S. behind it, is a failed institution," he said.