Radio Free Vermont: Friday, January 07, 2005

Friday, January 07, 2005

Eight Die, 240 Hurt in S.C. Train Crash

A freight train carrying chlorine gas struck a parked train early Thursday, killing eight people and injuring more than 240 others, nearly all of them sickened by a toxic cloud that persisted over this small textile town at nightfall.

Authorities ordered all 5,400 people within a mile of the crash to evacuate in the afternoon because chlorine was continuing to leak and the gas was settling near the ground as temperatures dropped. They were unsure when the gas leak might be sealed.

Challenging Agenda Ahead For Lawmakers

'Guided by a common purpose, bound by a common history, with a genuine desire for cooperation, let us today begin the march toward our common destiny,'" - Governor James Douglas

Railyard Debate Conitnues

(Editor's Note: Sharon Davis, Bill Giliam and Matt Sternberg all tried to tell me I was wrong, but Matt has now proven me right. Read this quote...)

Sternberg said it occurred to him while writing the revisions that one component of the redevelopment plan was actually breaking the rule of not taking property from one private owner to sell it to another.

Rutland Town Planning Commission Has Concerns About Railyard Relocation

(Editor's Note: We attended this meeting. The Town of Rutland Planning Commission was very fair to all sides during their discussion and they have some very real concerns especially economic and environmental impact.)

John Ruggeiro Surrenders Law License, Faces Probe!

High-profile Rutland lawyer John Ruggeiro has been ordered by the court to surrender his law license. Bank accounts frozen. Probe continues...