Radio Free Vermont: Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday, January 10, 2005

Study expects moderate growth in state

A report by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is predicting moderate growth in the Vermont economy this year. "Both labor demand and the rate of employment growth should improve," the report said.

UVM parking garage opening delayed

Satellite parking and shuttle buses will remain the rule for fans attending University of Vermont hockey and basketball games this season due to delays in building a new parking garage.

Environmental court hears St. Monica convent dispute

A long-running zoning dispute pitting a small but passionate group of preservationists against a parish that wants to demolish a Depression-era convent is now being heard in Environmental Court.

Lawmakers to consider drug reimportation

Dispensing with the tradition that little gets accomplished in the second week of the session as committees get themselves organized, House and Senate leaders plan a hearing this week on a drug reimportation bill.

Vermont Catholic Church faces big changes

At the top of the list is trying to figure out how to spread 55 priests over 130 parishes. Parishioners and priests will meet Saturday to discuss how to consolidate churches to deal with a clergy shortage they believe only will get worse. The diocese projects the number of priests will drop by half in 10 years, leaving about 55 clergymen to minister to more than twice as many parishes.

F&W; Board sets four public deer hearings

The hearings are set, deer hunters are loaded for bear and members of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board should be ready for an earful.

Vermont Yankee's Future Up For Grabs

An unexpected combination of circumstances has given the Vermont Legislature sudden power to shape -- and perhaps limit -- the future of Vermont Yankee, the state's only nuclear power plant.

Vt. School Taxes Likely To Rise

"My sense is there's going to be some sticker shock when we see the education tax bills" for fiscal year 2006, said Steven Jeffrey, executive director of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, which lobbies for municipalities.

Burlington Progressive Party Farmer Picked To Chair Vt. Ag Committee

The post went to Rep. David Zuckerman, P-Burlington, who makes his living on Full Moon Farm, his 16-acre garden of carrots and lettuce, melons and strawberries, in Burlington's Intervale.

Rutland Herald Fights Reporter Subpeona in Dodge Case

The Rutland Herald is fighting the state's efforts to have a reporter testify in the Bruce Dodge murder trial.

But prosecutors argue that reporter Brent Curtis' testimony is essential to disproving Dodge's claim that he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed his nephew, Peter Coffin, in October 2003.

Commentator dropped over government payment

A 'conservative' columnist has been dropped by a major syndication service because he accepted a payment from the Bush administration to promote the No Child Left Behind law to fellow blacks and to give the education secretary media time.