Radio Free Vermont: Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Let Me Outta Here!

The final few hours of your editor's sentence in the People's Republic of Oregon. At 6am local, the plane to freedom loads and I'm on it. The ice is gone. The crisis panic state of ice emergency is over. I'm sure that therapists here will be doing a booming business here on Monday. We tried to leave our hotel this morning, only to find the unsalted road to be a skating rink. Business associates and I went to downtown Portland this afternoon. A non-smoking bar (!) named Henry's Tavern filled with people trying to look city-metro-trendy all dressed in various styles ... all black. Good, the dark somber mood was proper as the New England Patriots kicked the shit out of Oregon's favorite of the day Indianapolis Colts. What Indiana has to do with Oregon, beats me. But it was sort of a payback for the mood this city has caused in me. Let me say this much, the only place that was a calm here for me has been the Courtyard Marriott North Harbor, which has been my home base for the last several days. Great staff, nice amenities. Free high speed internet! Very friendly. A+. The countdown to my freedom has begun. Let me outta this crazy place. Something tells me I'm never coming back here to Oregon. Only time will tell. Time to go pack. Vermont, here I come!

Vermont native killed in California

"Calif. California police are still wondering why a convicted robber who was fatally shot by sharpshooters was released from Pelican Bay State Prison on January fourth."

Vermont man pleads guilty in cannon explosion that killed two

Shrapnel shot more than 200 feet in all directions, killing 39-year-old James McKinniss and 64-year-old Jackie Byrd.

Greetings from Sissyland

This weekend find your editor in Portland, Oregon on a business trip. This town has been hit with a glazing of ice that has crippled it. Now, to you and I, a little glazing of ice, even some deep snow is no big deal. Vermont AOT plows, sands and salts and we all get on with our lives. Not so here. They panic. Put down a little salt, you say. Seems logical. No so here. They panic. Salt? To paraphrase a lady from a Oregon transportation, salt will burn your lawn, and Portland citizens are far too environmentally friendly to make such a choice. So, they'll instead just about paralyze the city and run the *big story* on the news as if it had the same importance as a domestic emergency. Oh and by the way, in this state, it's against the law to pump your own gas, so there are no self service stations. In a word ... pathetic.