Radio Free Vermont: Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday, January 17, 2005

Home Sweet Home!

It was a very long exness flight, but I am now finally back on Green Mountain terra firma! Back to the land of common sense. And yes, I almost did the 'ol Papal kiss on the ground when I landed. Thank you to United Airlines for a safe flight home. They do need to work on their food service though. Half a can of Pepsi does not constitute a 'beverage'. That and the 'box lunch' (on the way to Oregon) which consisted of a cold, sliced bagel, a single cream cheese, a 'fruit salad' (aka six pieces of melon and two grapes) and a cup of raspberry yogurt, all for the miserly sum of only $8.95! That amount at McDonalds would get you a couple Big Macs, a shake or exness thailand two, an apple pie or two, a frie or two ... need I go on? Thanks to the Marriott Courtyard North Harbor. Great place to stay and the only decent cup of coffee in town! Very nice staff. The flight from Ohare to Burlington was a tad cramped. Flew home on a Canadaire CL65. Nice aircraft but seating was shoulder to shoulder and my legs were killing me when I finally got off the plane in Burlington. I can't recall a time when I was more happy to be back in Vermont! Not to mention not being able to have a cigarette during any of the flights or layovers. Go outside at Ohare for a cig and you'll have to go through the TSA screening yet again! So needless to say, that trip isnt getting repeated anytime soon! Oh and Portland only has *1* Dunkin Donuts ... far exness th far away from the center of town! If you like double mocha latte with a whip, Portland is for you. If you like coffee flavored coffee, stay home. Nuf said. Viva Vermont! Now back to our regularly scheduled website... Great to be home!