Radio Free Vermont: Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

GOA: Problems With Attorney General Nomination

Testifying before the U.S. Senate last week, Alberto Gonzales
announced he supports President Bush's position on the semi-auto ban.

"The president has made it clear that he stands ready to sign a
reauthorization of the federal assault weapons ban if it is sent to
him by Congress," Gonzales said. "I, of course, support the
president on this issue."

While some might be tempted to give Gonzales a "pass" since he was parroting his boss' position, Gonzales went even further, indicating that gun control was a heart-felt position of his own.

Hospital board to discuss member's bear problem

Okay ... now this is over-the-top behaviour by a bunch of supposed adults. The teddy bear tempest in a tea pot continues...

Vt. Dept of Education Creating Its Own Laws?

"The people of Vermont, through their elected representatives, did not approve passage of an early education bill last year, but that isn't stopping the Vermont Department of Education from moving forward with their own early education program using the failed bill as a guide. The Vermont Department of Education has prepared early education rules which could encourage public schools to set up early education programs akin to those envisioned in last year's failed early ed bill, S.166. While that bill passed the Senate, it failed in the House after several serious concerns were raised about its lack of choice and potential cost. The will of the people, however, is not a deterrent to the Vermont Department of Education."

Smile: More Surveillance Cameras In Vermont

Most anywhere you go these days, an electronic eye is watching you.

Vermont authorities says there are more surveillance cameras in use these days, and there is evidence they are effectively deterring crime and helping to convict criminals.

Vermont Attorney General Sorrell Hosts National Prescription Drug Summit In Chicago

"In his capacity as the President of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell is hosting a national conference this week to examine the costs and benefits of prescription drugs. The conference will be held on January 25 and 26 and will include representatives from virtually all of the attorney generals offices from around the nation. The conference will bring together a range of representatives and diverse perspectives from the highest levels of the health care industry, government, academia and consumer groups to consider the causes of rising drug costs."

New York-Vermont bridge reopens after passing inspection

"A bridge linking New York and Vermont is open to traffic after being shut down over the weekend when a five-inch gap formed on its deck."

Southern Vermont buried in snow; Burlington gets diverted flights

Southern Vermont got buried by the weekend blizzard, but the northern part of the state got so little snowfall that three airline flights were diverted away from the worst of the storm to Burlington International Airport."

Entergy told to document safety resolution

A judge has ordered Entergy Nuclear to document its claim that it has resolved a safety issue discovered during a recent special engineering inspection at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant."

Drug re-importation bill again on center stage in Legislature

A drug re-importation bill allowing Vermonters access to lower-cost prescriptions from Canada and Europe is likely to take center stage in the legislature this week.

Governors: Dean May Get Chair

The search for a candidate for the new chairman of the Democratic Party, other than former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, reached new levels last week, with several governors – among them Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania and Bill Richardson of New Mexico – trying to gin up a last-ditch plan: Let Dean be chairman, but confine his role to pure nuts-and-bolts duties by layering him with a new "general chairman" spokesman for the party, Newsweek reports in the current issue.

Vt. Guard preparing for return of soldiers

"The soldiers of the Williston-based 1st Battalion of the 86th Field Artillery are expected to leave Iraq in a month or six weeks. They will spend a short time at a stateside base before they return to Vermont, said National Guard spokeswoman Lt. Veronica Saffo."